Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Fates of Derek Giantess SFX

Adrianna's ex Derek always really loved her feet and this video tells a violent story and a gentle story about what could happen if Adrianna had shrunk her ex. In the first violent outcome, Derek finds himself on the ground before his ex's sandaled feet as her echoing voice taunts him figuring he should be happy to be this close to them. After more teasing and taking off her sandals Derek ends up squished after a short cry and you hear him squelch under her foot. A short advanced slow-mo scene retells the squish which really shows off the power of Adrianna's stomp. Next you get the see the gentle outcome of Derek's fate. He finds himself on a coffee table at Adrianna's huge soles after she's had a hard day at work. She asks for a massage and Derek is only too eager to do it! In the end she even considers him being her boyfriend so she can have a massage like this every day she enjoys it so much. Two completely different fates, all decided by Adrianna loving or hating her ex's desires for her feet. Just to note, the POV in the squish story has a pretty dirty lense otherwise the video is clear.