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Giantess TAG Full

TAG [Full] por Dark_one521

clip of jack and the beanstalk Giantess

A short clip of jack and the beanstalk 
jack goes up the beanstalk and finds the giantess wife and she is big tall and thick, she then chase's him around the table her giant feet make the ground shake under her powerfull footsteps and then she catches him and takes him away after she has a talk with him and tells him how much she wants him for herself

Nikki and Megan giantess

Nikki and Megan giantess por giantesswoman

Giantess the pet slave

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Dream Of Jeannie s3e18 shrunken man in birdcage

The master is shrunk and put in a bird cage by the genie's sister who is also a genie. The other women in the harem also laugh about it and enjoy the shrunken man. The evil genie later states she wanted to keep him as a pet!

Bewitched shrunken man

The wife's mother turns her husband into a miniature man about six inches tall after he treats her rudely. Both the wife and the mother are witches.

Exploring The Giant Sandals

A miniaturized man checks out his giant wife's shoes but gets discovered by her later on!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


In this version of Oyayubihime, Sayako is a high school girl with a crush on a boy in her class named Yuuichi. Becoming obsessed with him, she tries to gain his attention and wins his affections with little success. One day, she meets a strange man at a flea-market. The man gives her a red liquid, telling her that if she splashes it on Yuuichi, her wish will become true. After acquiring the liquid, Sayako gets courage and confesses her love to Yuuichi. After being rejected by him, she splashes the liquid on Yuuichi, believing that it will cause him to love her, however, it causes him to shrink about three inches in height. Although he still has no feelings for Sayako, she takes him home and desperately tries to get Yuuichi to love her back. Things soon take a turn for the worse, when she realizes that she can do whatever she wants to him. A group of girls at her school begin to grow suspicious of her cheeriness, and send Sayako's only friend, Aya, to find out in return for 500 yen. She hides out in the stall next to Sayako and learns about her involvement in Yuuichi's disappearance. Realizing that she knows the truth of his disappearance, she chases after Aya. However in trying to out run Sayako, she is caught and shrunk about three inches tall as well. This was intended to keep Aya from telling everyone the truth about her secret in holding Yuuichi against his will. The next day, Sayako confronts her classmate(Kou Shibasaki) for what happened, and threatens to do the same to her if she told anyone her secret. During that time, Yuuichi tries to encourage Aya to stand up to her and seek help.
Yuuichi convinces Sayako to take him on a day alone, and he escapes to a colony of other small people. While she was out, Aya sends a cry for help, via e-mail, to her older brother. Sayako finds out upon her return, and kills her. She throws away her remains in her trash bin. At the school, the girl tries desperately in vain to warn her friends about Sayako, but they don't believe her. However, Aya's older brother believes her when he reveals that he read his sister's e-mail for help and he'll do what he can to help her by finding Sayako. Realizing what he was saying, the girl puts her trust in him and he talks to the police.
During his time in the colony, Yuuichi discovers that the men who lead it, has chosen to shrink themselves about three inches tall in order to avoid trouble with the law and there are more people living in there. He feels out of place and reveals that he was the only one shunken by force because of Sayako's unrequited love for him. The men feel bad for Yuuichi's plight and one man decides to take action. Due to his drunken nature, the other men tries to convince him not to get involved, but it falls on deaf ears.
Aya's older brother shows up with the police to confront Sayako at her house and search for evidence in her room. Her parents are shocked and betrayed when the police found evidence of their daughter's cruelty in her room. The leading investigator tries to comfort them as they continued looking for more evidence. However when the other officer discover a shrunken, crushed Aya in the trash can, her brother is devastated when he takes her crushed body into his hands and Sayako's parents faint upon knowing the true extent of her cruelty. Soon she becomes a suspect in Aya's murder when the police finds more evidence against her. While out, Sayako watches on TV the same classmate that she earlier threatened to shrink, giving out more testimony against her on the news. On the run, she cries out for Yuuichi's help to save her from being arrested and finds a small man who tied her shoe laces together. She uses him and discovers the colony of other small people three inches tall that he joined as refuge. Yuuichi rejects Sayako's request to help her out and tells her off that she deserves what's coming to her. After all the mistreatment he endured in being shrunken against his will and torturing him along with Aya, she better leave him alone because he will testify against her. Yuuichi watches Sayako leave and the men cheer him on.
Realizing she's alone, Sayako attempts suicide to avoid the police, but the flea market man finds her. While talking to him, she revealed that nothing came out the way she wanted and it brought her more trouble. Yuuichi didn't love Sayako back and escaped into the small colony. She had not only shrunk her only friend, Aya, the same way in order to keep her from telling others about where he was, but also killed her. The flea market man understands her pain and even revealed why he hated women in general. He tells her that women were made to love, but never to be loved. Feeling guilty and remorse for her actions, Sayako asks for one last favor to let her switch places with Yuuichi since she should've been a lot happier watching him far away rather than be obsessed with him. The flea market man later talks to the leader of the small colony and asks him to let grow Yuuichi back to normal. The leader refuses his request, stating that while he trust the man, Yuuichi has told them that he's happy to remain with them. However, the flea market man is able to convince him that Yuuichi didn't choose to be tiny and his family misses him. The flea market man uses the blue liquid and grows him back to normal. Yuuichi is jubilant and seemingly forgives Sayako, but it isn't the real ending. The real ending reveals that he turns her in to authorities and she is caged for the murder of Aya. The police have revealed that Yuuichi is working with them and will testify against her when the trial begins. While freaking out with the reporters filming her on TV, Yuuichi is satisfied with his actions knowing Sayako will answer for her crimes and moves on with his life.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Land Of The Giants giantess captures little men

A giant female villain captures three little men and puts them in a bird cage. From the great TV series Land Of The Giants season 2 episode 21.

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Crushed - Now Playing

Crushed - Now Playing - por ChloeCreations

Harder Amber Deluca Vs Marco Mixed Muscle Wrestling, Femdom , somthering

Chloe Night Crush

Chloe Night Crush - Video por giantesswoman

Giantess Skadi Going on Her First Rampage

Giantess Skadi Going on Her First Rampage... por giantesswoman

Whilst strolling in the mountains one day, Giantess Skadi happens upon a small village.

The Giantess decides to amuse herself for a while; much to the consternation of the tiny inhabitants, whose futile attempts to escape her curious feet only heighten her enjoyment.
A man washing his car unwittingly becomes involved in her first artistic endeavour.
The entire situation is a joy to the Giantess, and is accompanied by her gleeful laughter and broad smile of contentment and happiness.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Bedtime - Trailer

Trailer for the Giantess Fatale Movie "Bedtime". Syllua is reading a book when Mini Mister appears from within her cigarette pack. She flicks him to the floor like an insect and squishes him with her foot after some teasing

Giantess shrinking man by drink

The Deaf Giantess: The New World

Everyone, I created 3d ASL fantasy art story, I am deaf myself worked hard long one year this movie The Deaf Giantess: The New World, this had HD 1920x1080. My story about many giantesses live in other planet, they little men working build temples they have very pretty red eyes. Giantesses have no food, but little men honor giantesses eats them. The giantess queen was upset go war against giants male, because they killed all dinosaurs lost world lost food. Valley those little men work farm food. One man who love beautiful giant woman. She want move to the new world. Two giantesses and one little man are looking for gems see what happen.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

giantess Abducted and Killed

Emily is talking on the phone when a shrunken man walks by. Emily chases him then picks him up and takes him home and forces him to watch GiantessZone Movies then makes him do some foot worship and finally he has to clean her kitchen but when Emily gets tired of him she knocks him down and crushes his head. This one has some cool FX that will remind you of the classic GiantessZone movies.

Dirty panties for tiny slave

That was a long day and my panties got so wet and smelly that I just was looking forward to making my little slave sniff and lick them. I came home, and he was just there admiring me and trembling with fear. I took off my panties marked with my pussy secretions and forced him to lick them. He was so pathetic making all I ordered him. He tried to lick my panties clean with so diligence that I was almost took pity on him. But he had to try harder

Shrunk Tinyman To Live In A Giantess World

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This is the second time I'm putting up this video because some pussy couldn't handle a little nudity and flagged it, so I've edited it up some to take out the nipples, bush, and profanity...

GIANTESS The Glass Box

Hand held, crush, sci fi, i am trying to do requests but i do have a lot of them, sorry if i have not got to yours yet.

Giantess training ground