Saturday, February 2, 2013

giantess Abducted and Killed

Emily is talking on the phone when a shrunken man walks by. Emily chases him then picks him up and takes him home and forces him to watch GiantessZone Movies then makes him do some foot worship and finally he has to clean her kitchen but when Emily gets tired of him she knocks him down and crushes his head. This one has some cool FX that will remind you of the classic GiantessZone movies.

Dirty panties for tiny slave

That was a long day and my panties got so wet and smelly that I just was looking forward to making my little slave sniff and lick them. I came home, and he was just there admiring me and trembling with fear. I took off my panties marked with my pussy secretions and forced him to lick them. He was so pathetic making all I ordered him. He tried to lick my panties clean with so diligence that I was almost took pity on him. But he had to try harder

Shrunk Tinyman To Live In A Giantess World