Friday, May 3, 2013

Bedtime - Trailer

Trailer for the Giantess Fatale Movie "Bedtime". Syllua is reading a book when Mini Mister appears from within her cigarette pack. She flicks him to the floor like an insect and squishes him with her foot after some teasing

Giantess shrinking man by drink

The Deaf Giantess: The New World

Everyone, I created 3d ASL fantasy art story, I am deaf myself worked hard long one year this movie The Deaf Giantess: The New World, this had HD 1920x1080. My story about many giantesses live in other planet, they little men working build temples they have very pretty red eyes. Giantesses have no food, but little men honor giantesses eats them. The giantess queen was upset go war against giants male, because they killed all dinosaurs lost world lost food. Valley those little men work farm food. One man who love beautiful giant woman. She want move to the new world. Two giantesses and one little man are looking for gems see what happen.