Friday, October 25, 2013

Giantess TAG Full

TAG [Full] por Dark_one521

clip of jack and the beanstalk Giantess

A short clip of jack and the beanstalk 
jack goes up the beanstalk and finds the giantess wife and she is big tall and thick, she then chase's him around the table her giant feet make the ground shake under her powerfull footsteps and then she catches him and takes him away after she has a talk with him and tells him how much she wants him for herself

Nikki and Megan giantess

Nikki and Megan giantess por giantesswoman

Giantess the pet slave

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Dream Of Jeannie s3e18 shrunken man in birdcage

The master is shrunk and put in a bird cage by the genie's sister who is also a genie. The other women in the harem also laugh about it and enjoy the shrunken man. The evil genie later states she wanted to keep him as a pet!

Bewitched shrunken man

The wife's mother turns her husband into a miniature man about six inches tall after he treats her rudely. Both the wife and the mother are witches.

Exploring The Giant Sandals

A miniaturized man checks out his giant wife's shoes but gets discovered by her later on!