Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giantess girl feet

udf-35 por zacfarf

my ex girlfriend

my ex girlfriend por zacfarf

Chumak Makarony

A promotional spot of Chumak Makarony with a Giantess wife

Goddess Dee - Failed Kidnapping

Goddess Dee - Failed Kidnapping por bizio07
You'll see Giantess Dee as you've never seen her in this FX clip! She's as gorgeous as ever, naked, wet and sudsy as she falls asleep in the bath, not knowing that a group of teeny men are planning on kidnapping her! Of course, she turns the tables on them and you'll see VORE and squashing as only Dee can do it! You'll also see and hear lots of interaction between the helpless men and Giantess Dee. Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Costa Bingo TV Ad Starring Scary Spice Girl Mel B

Former Scary Spice Girl Mel B stars in the latest Costa Bingo £12 million UK TV advertising campaign. Watch as a giant Mel B walks through the streets of London scaring passers by before sitting on a building and playing at on a tablet device. The ad finishes with the tagline "Jackpots so big, its scary".

Costa Bingo TV Ad Starring Scary Spice Girl Mel B por giantesswoman