Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crushed - Now Playing

Crushed - Now Playing - por ChloeCreations

Harder Amber Deluca Vs Marco Mixed Muscle Wrestling, Femdom , somthering

Chloe Night Crush

Chloe Night Crush - Video por giantesswoman

Giantess Skadi Going on Her First Rampage

Giantess Skadi Going on Her First Rampage... por giantesswoman

Whilst strolling in the mountains one day, Giantess Skadi happens upon a small village.

The Giantess decides to amuse herself for a while; much to the consternation of the tiny inhabitants, whose futile attempts to escape her curious feet only heighten her enjoyment.
A man washing his car unwittingly becomes involved in her first artistic endeavour.
The entire situation is a joy to the Giantess, and is accompanied by her gleeful laughter and broad smile of contentment and happiness.