Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Chance Giantess SFX

Giantess Shauna is looking lovely in purple, in this FX clip, as she waits for her teeny foot slave who is late yet again!tries to run away and hide between her black high heels and gets all the humiliation he is able to stand.|} Naturally, there's no escape for him as she finds him and walks with sounds that are booming. She picks him up and torments him some more before compelling him to clean and rub her feet and toes. He even has to lick them. She ends up making him her dinner!

Two Giantess Shrink a Stalker

Thursday, October 2, 2014

KOLA LOKA - El Cachito

Husband verbally abuses wife making her shrink small. Then he takes a nap, only to wake up and find out he has shrunken and she has grown huge, turning the tables on him. Dream within a dream sequence.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hot Student girl Shrunk Her teach

College teacher put a bad mark their student Alina. Now he has 3-inch height and has itself should take the exam in order to survive. Alina makes a small teacher to lick her dirty feet, but a poor servant, even this work can not perform. The teacher failed his final exam in his life, and should he be punished - crushed to .

Giantess slavery tiny man

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Кимберли Месть FX

Кимберли Месть FX por giantesswoman

Husband tiny giantess wife

Муж вниз размеров Husband tiny giantess wife por giantesswoman
Nyxon звезды в этом бед видео, которое должно было быть просто POV, но мы добавили некоторые FX выстрелы к нему. Nyxon очень сексуально с ее блестящей штаны и Бетти челкой. Я выделить весело стрельба этот.Имеет добыча, декольте, ноги, разведка карманный орган, а некоторые подразумеваемая эротические вставки. Это действительно долго видео, но не волнуйтесь, я оценили его низкой, как это было намного короче видео. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Evil Sisters Barefoot Revenge SFX - Preview

Evil Sisters Barefoot Revenge SFX - Preview por GiantessFantasy
Presents an SFX adventure at the feet of a star many of you already know! Shelle-Chii has joined us and in this video she has her shrunekn brother helplessly tiny at her feet. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

giantess humiliation tiny slave with Dirty panties

giantess humiliation tiny slave with Dirty panties por giantesswoman

Giantess Mary Crush tiny slave mini clip

Giantess Mary Crush tiny slave clip por giantesswoman
My feet are so tired. Maybe you, little lazy slave, could do something about it. Kiss my feet, lick them, I want you to do it tenderly. No, more delicately. And don't sleep me there! Apply yourself, put in your best licks. And then maybe I will not crush you... But on the other hand you are so dirty pathetic insect. That will be no mercy! I will crush you in a wet ugly stain with my boot. INCLUDES ENGLISH SUBTITLES, slow motion effects, POV.

SFW Giantess Vore Your Life In My Hand

SFW Giantess Vore Your Life In My Hand por giantesswoman

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Giantess girl feet

udf-35 por zacfarf

my ex girlfriend

my ex girlfriend por zacfarf

Chumak Makarony

A promotional spot of Chumak Makarony with a Giantess wife

Goddess Dee - Failed Kidnapping

Goddess Dee - Failed Kidnapping por bizio07
You'll see Giantess Dee as you've never seen her in this FX clip! She's as gorgeous as ever, naked, wet and sudsy as she falls asleep in the bath, not knowing that a group of teeny men are planning on kidnapping her! Of course, she turns the tables on them and you'll see VORE and squashing as only Dee can do it! You'll also see and hear lots of interaction between the helpless men and Giantess Dee. Enjoy!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Costa Bingo TV Ad Starring Scary Spice Girl Mel B

Former Scary Spice Girl Mel B stars in the latest Costa Bingo £12 million UK TV advertising campaign. Watch as a giant Mel B walks through the streets of London scaring passers by before sitting on a building and playing at on a tablet device. The ad finishes with the tagline "Jackpots so big, its scary".

Costa Bingo TV Ad Starring Scary Spice Girl Mel B por giantesswoman

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sexy Smoking Giantess Blow Smoke on Slave

Sexy Smoking Giantess Blow Smoke on Slave por giantesswoman

Full Video

Giantess new shrunken boyfriend

Giantess new shrunken boyfriend por giantesswoman

Giantess Shrunken and Enslaved

goddess's waiting.. Seriously. This guy should have been on time tonight, so we decide to make him a special drink hehehe We torment him and make him clean off our dirty heels before we take them off so he can lick the dirt and sweat off of our smelly feet. After we feel like we have had enough, we decide to end his insignificant life with a crush