Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lethal Competition SFX

Lethal Competition SFX por under-giantess-2 Helen returned home from jogging. When she ran, two little slaves were in her shoes. She takes off her shoes and see that they are still alive. Helen makes them lick old, sweaty sneakers inside, sniffing her dirty socks. Then she arranges them to a competition - who better to lick her feet. Loser will be cruelly crushed. The winner will once again be in the shoes, and lick her sweaty bare feet as she walks.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Chance Giantess SFX

Giantess Shauna is looking lovely in purple, in this FX clip, as she waits for her teeny foot slave who is late yet again!tries to run away and hide between her black high heels and gets all the humiliation he is able to stand.|} Naturally, there's no escape for him as she finds him and walks with sounds that are booming. She picks him up and torments him some more before compelling him to clean and rub her feet and toes. He even has to lick them. She ends up making him her dinner!

Two Giantess Shrink a Stalker